Alex TerendaProduct Designer


The story so far.


My work sits at the intersection of design, engineering and accessibility.

The industry draws an arbitrary, increasingly-blurry line between design and engineering. Having said that I tend to position myself as a designer first, where I can exercise product sense in user research and engineering skills in delivery.

I'm currently contracting as a designer, working primarily with early stage startups in regulated industries such as healthcare and cybersecurity.

In the past I was an engineer at Cado Security, a cloud forensics startup, where I worked on everything from automated vulnerability audits to performance profiling, accessibility and interactive data visualisations.

Before that I was a designer for MesslyID, a healthcare identity system funded by the UK's innovation agency. I worked directly under one of the investors, an early Apple and NeXT Computer alum, and received a practical design education.

On the side I'm working on a set of developer-friendly web accessibility docs. My goal is to build a reference matching common features to relevant success criteria, checks and techniques such that an inexperienced developer can have near-certainty as to whether their work conforms to WCAG, without having to be familiar with its full scope.