Alex TerendaProduct Designer


Things I would like to work on.


  • Adaptive symptom tracking - Some patients struggle to track a single symptom while others maintain spreadsheets with dozens of metrics and years of longitudinal data. These are often the same people at different points in their patient journey, from shortly after diagnosis to relative expert.
  • Narrative-first genealogy - I feel much of genealogy software misses the forest for the trees by fixating on genetic and archival data. Ancestry was originally about building a shared mythology, and I would be interested in something more focused on collaborative storytelling and interviewing.
  • Modern TTRPG hexmap builder - A snappy, collaborative, local-first version of Hexographer. Partly an excuse to play with CRDTs and dig into Red Blob Games' article on building hexgrids, partly because I feel the tools haven't kept pace with raster-based map builders.


  • Framework-agnostic axe-mode - I think Rauno's initial concept is brilliant and have rolled my own versions for clients keen to avoid an unmaintained dependency. With active maintenance and either a framework-agnostic implementation, or framework adapters, it would be a hugely useful tool for promoting accessibility in engineering cultures.


  • Feature-first WCAG documentation - A secondary set of documentation matching common features to relevant checks, techniques and success criteria such that a junior developer doesn't need to be familiar with the full scope of WCAG to ship accessible software.